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Ensuring Smooth and Safe Driving

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The Most Convenient Way to Travel​

If your loved one requires the use of mobility devices (walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc.) or was recently discharged from the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility, traveling by taxi or any public transport can be hard and uncomfortable for them. 

Make sure that you, your family members or your patients are safe and sound when they travel for their important appointments!

 At FRONT LINE TRANSPORT EMERALD COAST, we provide comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation services in Valparaiso, Florida and its surrounding areas. Count on us to travel to or from:

                                           Medical Appointments                             Dental Procedures                                Eye Procedures

                                           Hospital Admissions                                 Hospital Discharges                              Outpatient Procedures

                                           Dialysis                                                            Chemo Treatments                                Podiatry Appointments

                                           Hospice Transports                                   Church                                                          VA Appointments

                                           Birthday Trips                                              Weddings                                                    Family Outings

                                           Funerals                                                          Beauty &  Nail Salons                            School

                                                                                                                       And More!


Aside from door-to-door transport, one of our specially trained staff will ensure your loved one is where they need to be and checked in. Each member of our team is certified in CPR and first aid. What’s more, our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts/ramps for easy transport.

Wheelchairs and mobility devices must be supplied by the rider.

*Escorts: If medically necessary, we allow one escort to accompany the client. All escorts must be 18 years old and above. 

When booking a Dental or Medical procedure, don't forget to book your non-emergency transportation as well. 

Relieve the stress and worry of getting to and from these appointments by relying on FRONT LINE TRANSPORT EMERALD COAST to get you there and pick you up on time.

* Ask about booking transportation for a special event and never say no to anything again!

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